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Resmonics' mission is to unlock the power of sound for medicine.

Our product ResGuard Med is a CE-certified medical software that uses acoustic artificial intelligence to detect lung symptoms and assess their severity.

ResGuard Med runs on smart devices, can be integrated into smartphone and tablet apps, and does not require any additional sensors.

Why ResGuard Med?

  • Best-in-Class Accuracy
  • Best-in-Market Privacy
  • CE-Certified & Validated
  • Versatile & Flexible Use
  • Proven Simple Integration

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ResGuard Med redefines Lung Health Monitoring with its market-leading SDK

Everyone has experienced situations like these: You start to feel sick. You touch your forehead. It feels warm. But is it hot enough that you should skip work and stay at home? To go to a doctor? Call the ambulance? There is a simple solution to this uncertainty: A thermometer. A medical tool every household owns and helps you decide what to do next. Until today, such a tool has not been available for the lungs.

Adults get on average three respiratory tract infections per year. Lung symptoms like cough belong to the main reasons for physician visits. Chronic lung diseases like Asthma and COPD are among the most common chronic diseases. These patients are at risk for life-threatening respiratory crises. We recognized this clinical need for objective lung health assessments in 2016. Since then, we developed a clinically validated and CE-certified artificial intelligence to detect and assess lung symptoms and validated it in multiple clinical studies. A digital thermometer for the lungs.

Here's what Resmonics' ResGuard Med offers for patients, physicians, and companies:

  • 01 Lung Symptom Frequency

    ResGuard Med detects and quantifies the frequency of respiratory symptoms such as cough. An objective symptom count is the starting point for any more advanced symptom assessment.

  • Symptoms have different qualities. A dry cough has a different clinical meaning than a wet cough. This is why ResGuard Med also measures symptom quality.

  • Cough at night is of particular clinical relevance. Most people don't sleep alone though, which is why ResGuard Med uses proprietary algorithms to decide who has coughed.

  • ResGuard offers an easy interpretation system to interpret lung symptoms: A traffic light derived from clinical studies that compares symptoms of a user to meaningful reference populations.

  • ResGuard Med helps medical experts to understand the disease progression of patients. All ResGuard Med assessments can be exported as a PDF to allow easy sharing.

  • The measurements and data collected with ResGuard Med in the context of clinical trials and research can be shared with the study team via our dashboard for clinical research. This dashboard allows you to monitor the progress of the study and the results of the measurements in real time.

  • In addition to the Dashbaord for Clinical Research, Resmonics also provides end-to-end solutions for decentralized clinical trials taking care of all technological aspects to support researchers who want to focus on doing research.

Resmonics Cough Analysis in Numbers

Resmonics in Numbers

Our history of success in a few numbers ...


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Cough Detection AI Accuracy


Resmonics provides a wide range of plug-and-play solutions for customers to monitor and assess respiratory symptoms of users and patients at home or at the hospital, for researchers aiming to conduct clinical research, or for Digital Health companies looking for innovative products to integrate into their own apps.

White Label App

For customers that prefer a proven app for respiratory symptom monitoring. The app can be fully customized to serve your needs.


All ResGuard Med's functionalities for all iOS and iPadOS devices in the form of an SDK. Integration of the technology into your product is possible within few hours.

Android SDK

All ResGuard Med's functionalities for all Android devices in the form of an SDK. Integration of the technology into your product is possible within a few hours.

Resmonics Cough Monitoring App


With the CSS, a leading Swiss health insurance, we have launched a new app for the European market. It's completely free! Try it out now and see how it can benefit your health.

All of our services are designed with privacy in mind. This means that any acoustic signals that are analyzed by our systems are processed on the go, offline on any smart devices. This means that unless you specifically want it to happen, no acoustic data will be transmitted or sent outside of the device. This ensures that your data remains private and secure at all times. Additionally, our systems are designed to be completely transparent, so you always know how your data is being used and can make informed decisions about how you want to use our services..

Resmonics Cough Monitoring App Securtity

Want to learn more about ResGuard Med?

With Resmonics, you can detect and monitor respiratory symptoms such as coughs in real-time at scale. Whether at home or in the hospital: Our technology preserves your user's privacy and is a CE-certified medical product.

Want to test ResGuard Med in real-life?

Download our myCough app here to try out state-of-the-art artifical intelligence for cough monitoring. No need to worry about your pricacy: App use is fully anonymous, no audio recordings shared with us

Blog & Scientific Evidence

Our scientific peer-reviewed papers have been published in leading medical and technological journals. We collaborate with the best universities, hospitals, and public institutions in Switzerland. In collaboration with one of the largest health insurances in Switzerland, we offer a series of blog posts to inform about respiratory symptoms and diseases.

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Resmonics Cough Assignment Paper

Cough Assignment Publication

IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics

Resmonics Cough COVID-19 Paper

Preliminary results of Cough Monitoring for Covid-19 patients

ERS International Congress

Resmonics Cough Moniroting Paper

What causes Cough?

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Resmonics Cough Moniroting Paper

Towards cough as a digital biomarker for COPD patients

Careum Weiterbildung

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What does it mean if I cough a lot at night?

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Nighttime continuous contactless smartphone-based cough monitoring for the ward: A validation study

JMIR Formative Research

Resmonics Cough Moniroting Paper

What is chronic cough?

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Resmonics Cough Moniroting Paper

24/7 Cough monitoring in hospitalized patients

Swiss MedTech Day 2020

Resmonics Cough Moniroting Paper

Nocturnal cough and sleep quality as markers for asthma

Journal of Asthma & Allergy

Resmonics Cough Moniroting Paper

Deep learning cough detection in real-world asthma

Journal of Medical Internet Research

Resmonics Cough Moniroting Paper

Characteristics of nocturnal cough in asthma

Journal of Asthma & Allergy

Resmonics Cough Moniroting Paper

Device-agnostic cough detection with deep learning


Resmonics Cough Moniroting Paper

Nocturnal cough and sleep quality as markers for asthma

BMJ Open

Resmonics Cough Moniroting Paper

When should I see a doctor about my cough?

Resmonics Blog

Resmonics Cough Moniroting Paper

Systematic review of publicly available asthma apps

JMIR mhealth and uhealth

Resmonics Cough Moniroting Paper

Lena: A voice-based conversational agent for remote patient monitoring in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

26th ACM Annual Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI)

Resmonics Cough Moniroting Paper

Enhancing asthma control through IT (mHealth)

WI Conference

Resmonics Cough Moniroting Paper

What is Cough?

Resmonics Blog


Our core value is to develop innovative technology to improve patients' everyday lives. We operate at the intersection of respiratory medicine, artificial intelligence, and business innovation.

Resmonics Cough Moniroting - Peter Tinschert

Dr. Peter Tinschert

Co-Founder & CEO

8+ years experience in Healthcare and Data Science. 10+ peer-reviewed papers published in Digital Respiratory Medicine. Ph.D. in Management.

Resmonics Cough Detection - David Cleres

David Cleres

Co-Founder & CTO | Forbes 30 under 30

5+ years of experience in Artificial Intelligence and Mathematical Modeling of Biological Systems. M.Sc. in Computational Science and Engineering.

Resmonics Cough Moniroting - Matthias Groh

Dr. Matthias Groh


Commercial leader with 10+ years’ experience in the Life Sciences sector. Previously senior roles in management consulting and business development. Ph.D. in Pathology, M.Sc. in Human Molecular Biology.

Resmonics Cough Detection - Ihor Khomich

Ihor Khomich

Senior Full Stack Developer

Senior Full Stack Developer (Mobile Platforms such as Android & iOS) with 10+ years of experience in various industries such as healthcare and automation.
M.Sc. in Mathematics.

Resmonics Cough Detection - Omid Karimi

Omid Karimi

Junior Data Scientist

EPFL graduate and Master student in Data Science experienced in dectection and analysis of acoustics signals in real-life applications.
B.Sc. in Computer Science.

Resmonics Cough Detection - Fanny Terrettaz

Fanny Terrettaz

Junior Data Engineer

EPFL graduate and Master student in Applied Mathematics with experience in statistical modeling of biological processes.
B.Sc. in Mathematics.

Resmonics Cough Moniroting - Ibrahim Nawaz

Ibrahim Nawaz

Junior Data Engineer

King's College London graduate and Master student in Data Science with experience in contrastive learning and generative models.

B.Sc. in Biomedical Engineering.

Resmonics Cough Moniroting - Panitda Huynh

Panitda Huynh

Business Development Manager

5+ years experience in Digital Marketing/Social Media Marketing. Swiss-born polyglot who speaks seven languages. Experience working with multiple startups worldwide and supporting them in growing their market presence.

Resmonics Cough Moniroting - Dimitris Tzikas

Dimitris Tzikas

Business Development Manager

5+ years experience as first line healthcare professional with extensive network in the private and public healthcare sector and 2 years retail sales experience.

Resmonics Cough Count - Sephin Alappatt

Sephin Alappatt

Business Development Manager

Master’s student in Business Innovation at the University of St.Gallen with experience in innovation management and venture capital. B.Sc. in Business Administration.

Resmonics Cough Count - Davor Perhaj

Davor Perhaj

Freelance UX/UI Engineer

10+ years of experience with designing interfaces for mobile apps and web. Davor is the person behind the design of myCough.
M.Sc. Computer Science.

Medical Advisors & Clients

Resmonics Cough Moniroting - Patrick

Dr. Patrick Stais

Managing Senior Physician of the Clinic for Pulmonary & Bronchial Medicine at the Hospital Bethanien Moers

Resmonics' technology for the objective tracking of lung symptoms closes an important treatment gap in the everyday life of my patients. Noteworthy: The Technology works completely anonymously: user data is not required (no user account needs to be created) and no identifiable data (GPS etc.) is uploaded

Resmonics Cough Moniroting - Brutsche

Prof. Dr. Martin Brutsche

Chief Physician at the Clinic for Pneumology and Sleep Medicine & Director of the Lung Center at the Cantonal Hospital St. Gallen (KSSG)

There was no method available for doctors to measure cough. But this would be important to objectify the success of medication and interventions: Cough can be used as a biomarker for the disease activity of asthma, COPD, interstitial and fibrotic lung diseases, upper and lower respiratory tract infections. Resmonics now fills exactly this gap - objective cough measurement via smartphone!

Resmonics Cough Moniroting - Salorinne

Prof. Yrjö Salorinne

Chair of the Board at KAMU Health

Nocturnal coughing is a central symptom in chronic lung conditions, but hard to measure objectively. For the first time, Resmonics makes it possible to monitor the coughing in a reliable and cost-efficient way – and most importantly it is easy and effortless for the patient. So far our collaboration and integration of technologies with Resmonics has been seamless.

Resmonics Cough Moniroting - CSS

Michael Rieger

Head of Strategy and Corporate Services at CSS

The myCough app is a unique and novel service that is well-aligned with our ambition to support innovative healthcare solutions with direct added value for our customers.



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